You can recover outstanding debts owed to you by instructing us to enforce a Writ of Control. If you have an outstanding CCJ above £600, we can transfer up to the High Court for a fee of £66:00


Instruct us to enforce a Writ of Possession, to successfully remove Squatters from commercial property, unauthorised Trespassers on your land or if you are a residential landlord looking to evict your tenant for rent arrears or other reasons. 

We work on behalf of Solicitors, Debt collection agencies, Managing agents, Landlords, Landowners &  Local Authorities Payment – Compliance fee £75 – Whilst in successful recoveries our fees are paid by the debtor there will be occasions when for a variety of reasons we will be unable to recover the amount due. On these occasions you will be charged £75.00 plus VAT which is the statutory compliance fee  (formerly known as the abortive fee)

We act as agents for High Court Enforcement under the authority and guidance of a  Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.