Has your commercial tenant failed to pay rent or breached the terms of the lease?

Most modern-day commercial leases come with a forfeiture clause, If this is the case then you do not need to take court action to enable to take back your property!

The period to proceed with action can vary depending on your agreement but usually, if the rent is in arrears of 7 days or more then as a landlord you are entitled to instruct an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) to take back the property on your behalf.

 Do you need to regain control of your commercial premises?

Once you have decided to instruct us one of our Enforcement Agents will attend the premises and gain peaceful entry, taking control of your commercial premises by changing the locks and displaying Notice of Forfeiture of the premises. We can also provide a Torts notice (seizure of goods). As part of the forfeiture, we can also ensure that the new set of keys are forwarded to a nominated key holder of the Landlords choice!

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