Fly trading predominantly effects the high street where an unused or vacant shop is broken into and then traders use the premises to illegally sell goods. We at Global Enforcement Solutions have found that instances of fly trading are often prevalent in the month before Christmas and around Halloween & Bonfire night where seasonal items are at their most popular.

Such illegal trading has an adverse effect other local businesses as the traders are paying no business rates, rent, insurance or other overheads, often paying no tax or VAT on the takings and can therefore afford to undercut local businesses. Global Enforcement Solutions Bailiffs have effectively carried out many repossessions of such premises using common law, and are experts in dealing with this type of illegal activity. Whilst predominantly shop type premises other premises that can be targeted by fly traders are garages and warehouses and often large areas of land which are used as car parks with attendants collecting money to allow people to park.Global Enforcement Solutions Bailiffs have the experience and means to act swiftly to put and to such activity.