We are the countries leading specialists in the removal of Travellers / Gypsies / Squatters, and are regularly instructed by landowners, developers or manageing agents to remove them from private land owners / landlords can instruct us to carry out the eviction under common law where we simply serve the occupiers Notice to vacate and giving them reasonable time to remove themselves from your land, this is usually 24 hours hours depending on the circumstances.

Once instructed we will arrange for one of our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) to turn up on site and serve notice to the illegal occupiers, in some circumstances we can serve notice and remove by giving the travellers 4 hours notice to remove themselves, in this case we will turn up along with a tow truck, sometimes in these circumstances the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) can be on site for up to 12 hours depending on the nature of the Travellers / Tresspassers.
In extreme cases where we are unable to evict under common law, then the landowner will need to obtain a Possession Order from the County Court and then transfer up to the High Court to enable us to carry out the eviction, if this is the case then we can offer the full service from obtaining the Possession Order and transferring up to the High Court by using our recommended Law firm who specialise in Landlord / Landowner evictions