Residential Evictions

Once the Landlord/Managing Agent/Solicitor is in receipt of a Possession Order from the County Court this will give the Tenant a date to vacate the property, once the deadline has expired and the Tenant has remained in the property then in order carry out the eviction the Possession Order will need to be transferred up to the High Court.

For a fee of £66.00 GES can ensure that the transfer up process is carried out efficiently with a turn around time of usually no more the 10 days, once we are in receipt of the High Court Writ of Possession we will then carry out the eviction within 24 hours.

GES can also provide a fully insured Locksmith service to secure your property, once the Eviction has been carried out, we can also provide an Enforcement Agent at a later date to arrange a supervised visit (no further cost to the client) allowing the Tenant to return to the property and remove the rest of their belongings, then ensuring that full possession of the property is handed back to our client.

We act as agents for High Court Enforcement on behalf of Court Enforcement Services Ltd whilst under the authority and guidance of their Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.