Commercial Lease Forfeiture

Peaceful Repossession (Common Law) most modern commercial property leases gives the Landlord the right to terminate the lease if the Tenant has either breached their obligations or continually falls behind with their payment of rent, here at GES we offer the Landlord/Managing Agent or Solicitor a professional discrete service, the common law remedy is a very quick and effective solution providing the Tenant is more then 7 days in arrears with their payment of rent or is a continuous re offender of none/late payments.

Once instructed GES will attend the address within 24 hours or a date preferred by the client to gain peaceful entry into the property, a fully insured Locksmith service is also provided by us or one can be instructed by the client. Once entry is gained a full inventory of goods will be taken by our Enforcement Agent and passed over to our client. A notice will be left at the property with our contact details ensuring that the Tenant is able to arrange a time/date with us as soon as possible to remove any goods belonging to them, GES will provide an Enforcement Agent to supervise the visit at no further cost to our client, thus ensuring that full possession is passed over to our client quickly and discretely.