CCJ Enforcement

In order for GES to enforce collection of your CCJ it must first be transferred up to the High Court, this is a legal requirement as officers can only enforce High Court Judgements. The transfer up procedure is simple and straight forward a fee £66.00 is charged to the claimant for the transfer up this is the only cost the claimant has to incur and takes around 7 – 10 days for the judgement to come back from the High Court. GES can take care of the entire process for you from either our London or Essex office.

Once a High Court Writ of Control has been received it will be allocated to one of our Enforcement Agents. The officer will then attend the debtors address as directed and seek either immediate payment or take control of any goods the debtor has, A full report will be made available to you the client detailing each step of the process. If assets are seized the debtor will have to pay the debt plus associated costs within a mutually agreed timescale or the assets will be sold at Public Auction to recover your debt in full.

We act as agents for High Court Enforcement on behalf of Court Enforcement Services Ltd whilst under the authority and guidance of their Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.