Bailiff & Debt Recovery

Global Enforcement Solutions are fully aware of the laws and ethics involved with the profession and endeavour to maintain the highest standards at all times. When you are assigned a Global bailiff, you can rest assured that the service you receive will be of the most highly regarded standard.

All of our bailiffs are trained to the highest standards by well respected, experienced managers who have, in total, over 40 years experience in collection techniques, standards and codes of practice.

CCJ Enforcement

In order for GES to enforce collection of your debt it must first be transferred up to a High Court Judgement, this is a legal requirement as officers can only enforce High Court Judgements. The transfer up procedure is simple and straight forward and takes around 7 – 10 days. GES can take care of the entire process for you from either our London or Essex office. A warrant of execution is also obtained which allows bailiffs to seize goods.

Once a High Court Judgement has been received it will be allocated to one of our National enforcement officers. This officer will then attend the debtors address as directed and seek either immediate payment, an instalment arrangement or levy against and seize assets. A full report will be made available to you the client detailing each step of the process. If assets are seized the debtor will have to pay the debt plus associated costs within 14 day period or the assets will be sold at Public Auction.

Here at GES we have a fleet of our own vans and our very own 24hr secure storage facility located in Essex.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

If the tenant breaches the terms of the lease then the landlord has the right to forfeit the lease i.e. bring it to an end. If the breach is non-payment of rent and the premises are used for business purposes then forfeiture can be effected by the landlord re-entering and simply changing the locks.

The final sanction for a landlord faced with a leaseholder in breach of his lease due to the failure to pay is to forfeit the lease and to peacefully repossess the property.

Global Enforcement Solutions can undertake such peaceful repossessions of commercial property, terminating the lease and handing control back to the landlord. GES will ensure that the lease is forfeited by peaceful entry of the premises, changing the locks and correctly displaying of the notices of forfeiture.

GES is able to offer a complete Commercial Lease Forfeiture service on a truly national service on many occasions we can offer from either our London or Essex offices a same day service, including an extended out of hours service.

  • Peaceful Re-entry
  • No Court Order required
  • Fixed Fee plus disbursements

Our service involves making an inventory of all valuable goods, with photographic evidence where appropriate. GES act promptly and efficiently, assigning professional locksmiths to supply replacement locks to secure the premises.

  • Lease Forfeiture Agreement
  • Warrant to Distrain Form

Process Serving

Global Enforcement Solutions provide professional process serving through our nation-wide network of experienced process servers who are able to collect and serve all forms of legal and personal documents. Documents can be collected from your office or direct from the courts and can be served immediately.

GES receive daily instructions from Law Firms, Local Authorities, Insurance Companies, Corporate and Private Clients. Fees are always agreed in advance and there are no additional charges for out of hour’s attendances.

We can effect document service of legal legal documents upon respondents throughout London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Beds, Bucks and all around the UK and Internationally.

GES welcome bulk and repeat instructions from corporate clients and can tailor a service to meet your expectations. GES are happy to offer discounts from there standard process serving fee for volume instructions, please call us 24hrs a day or night to discuss.

The types of documents we have served in the past:

  • Injunctions
  • Divorce Petitions
  • Summons or Claim forms
  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions or Winding Up Petitions
  • Freezing Orders
  • Legal Documents
  • Summons
  • Notary Public
  • Family proceedings
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Specific Issue Orders
  • Contact Orders
  • Non-molestation Orders
  • Writs
  • And more….

We offer a low cost fixed fee for straight forward serving of documents on individuals anywhere in the UK, including out of hours.

Rent Arrears Recovery

Warrants to Distrain

Warrants to distrain are used as an immediate remedy to collect the arrears from your tenant.

Global Enforcement Solutions will attend the premises with the objective to collect the full balance of arrears as well as costs. The warrant also authorises enforcement officers to remove good to the value of the debt. These are then sold at public auction to raise funds. We can once we have removed the goods store them at our own storage facilities at Essex.

There is no requirement for court action which saves valuable time and can be issued from the moment the rent becomes in arrears. You may also authorise the officer to accept a walking possession agreement which secures the goods in the premises, and allows the tenant a short time to pay.

Protective Distraint

A protective distrait is carried out in the same manner as the warrant to distain. However, it sees a longer term walking possession order placed over the goods. This secures your position as priority creditor whilst ensuring that you receive regular payments from your tenant.

Global Enforcement Solutions are on hand to monitor any arrangements, as well as immediately enforce throughout Essex, Kent, Suffolk, London, Beds and Bucks, the order should the tenant default.

Both options are a FREE service to the landlord, as the tenant is responsible for all costs involved.

The Law of Distress Allows a Landlord to…

“… employ a Certified Bailiff to enter the premises and seize goods equivalent to the value of the overdue rent and, should it prove necessary, sell those goods to discharge the debtor’s indebtedness (under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1908, as amended in 1988″

Residential Evictions

Eviction step 1 – Serve Tenant Notice

We can serve the (a) section 8 notice & section 21 notice on your tenant for breach of tenancy agreement, as the first step of our Hearing To evict a problem tenant, Global Enforcement Solutions Eviction Team issue court proceedings against your tenant, arrange the court date, arrange all your legal papers and go before the judge to obtain a possession order for regaining the property. This fee also includes a Court Issue Fee. This is when most tenants realise how serious you are, and in most cases it’s the only action they need.

Eviction Step 2 – Court Proceedings & Hearing

To evict a problem tenant, Global Enforcement Solutions Eviction Team issue court proceedings against your tenant, arrange the court date, arrange all your legal papers and go before the judge to obtain a possession order for regaining the property

Eviction Step 3 – Bailiff Removal of Tenants

Very few nuisance tenants will remain in a property after a Possession Order has been granted. If the tenant does remain then our bailiffs will remove your tenant and you get your property back.

Road Traffic Debt Recovery

Global Enforcement Solutions offer a range of services including debt profiling and ANPR solutions for persistent evaders. The service delivery is comprehensive; from the point of receiving the warrant to debt profiling the case, with its cost and resource-saving implications, through to removal and storage of the vehicle, prior to disposal at public auction.

Sundry Debts

Global Enforcement Solutions provide an expert customised recovery sequence for handling your outstanding sundry debts, regardless of the size or volume of instructions.

The service applies to diverse debt types, from unpaid council house repairs and environmental treatments to unpaid library charges.

GES use a range of proven recovery procedures, including a variety of letter types, telephone calls, email notices, SMS messaging and personal visits.

These methods of recovery have proven effective for recovering all sundry debts including:

  • Council Tax Refunds
  • Building Control Services
  • Housing property recharges
  • Residential care charges
  • Pest Control services
  • Trade Refuse Collection
  • Hire of Leisure Facilities
  • Plus many more categories